What do I need to know about wallpaper installation?

We highly recommend working with a professional installer to ensure that everything comes out perfectly!

If you choose to install yourself, here are a few essential tips:


Make sure your hanging surface is clean and dry, as well as free from any damage (like holes from nails)—you want it to be as smooth as possible! Paint on a coat of wallpaper primer. We recommend Roman PRO-909 Vinyl Prep® Clear Wallcovering Primer which is water-based. Wallpaper works best on flat, untextured white walls, as any uneven or colored surfaces like stucco or plaster will show through the paper once installed. White, painted drywall is ideal.


We recommend using Roman ECO-888 Premium Clear Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive which is VOC free. Roll an even coat of adhesive onto your primed walls. Apply one panel on top of the adhesive; we recommend using a clean, soft-bristled brush or squeegee to smooth it down onto the wall. Before applying each additional panel, clean off any excess adhesive with a soft, lightly damp sponge. Then, apply paste on the wall for the next panel—be sure to line the edges up and smooth from the center out. Repeat until finished!


  • Many of our wallpaper styles come in panels which are labeled A and B. These designs repeats every two panels so should be installed AB, AB, and so forth.
  • Some of our wallpaper repeats every panel - those panels are just labeled A. 
  • Our murals come in panels labeled A, B, C, D and so on. These should be installed in order.
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